Top Wholesome Internet Moments of This Week (May 14th)

Top Wholesome Internet Moments of This Week (May 14th)

These moments on the internet this week will make you truly happy! From Reddit, YouTube, and Instagram, we're about to arrange the most wholesome moments guaranteed to make you happy! Dogs, cats, acts of kindness, and all sorts of wonderful stories are on this list!

Dog Reunited with Rescuer

Dennis was found in a field and rescued by kind rescuers in Baja California, Mexico. The Dodo reported on this, and they revealed that Dennis was hit with a shovel causing his condition to worsen to the state it was in. Luckily rescuer Henry Friedman found this poor dog and helped him! Dennis was sent to a foster home where he learned how to trust again. It's so heartwarming when you see how he wasn't even sure the dog would recognize him at first, but immediately within a few feet of spotting him, the dog ran straight up to him and immediately knew who he was. This makes the quote below so much more meaningful.

Puppy Falls Asleep on Reporter

Rescue Dog Falls Asleep on News Broadcast
There’s an adorable story circulating about a pup seeking a forever home in Boston. We don’t know the now-viral pup’s other attributes, but cuteness tops the list. And now she’s gone viral because she fell asleep during a news broadcast. Rescue dog falls asleep on news broadcast It all started on We…

This cute little puppy went from local news to national after falling asleep in a reporter's arms. You can see from his reaction that he absolutely melted when the puppy fell asleep. This wholesome moment gained the Bow a forever home in Boston! Congratulations to Bow and his family!

Dad Waits for His Daughter Every Day on the Train

Dad waits for his daughter every time she gets a late train home
by u/Sufficient-Bug-9112 in wholesome

This wonderful father waits for his daughter at the train station every day on the late train. This is yet another sign of a father's unconditional love. We hope this lucky daughter and father have a long relationship!

This Week's Creator Spotlight - Abram Engle
Abram Engle and Kurt are the comedic and lovely cat-human duo on the internet! These two love posting dances and funny clips online! If you need some more wholesomeness in your life then these two are your choice!

Ferret Shows Trust to Owner

What trust looks like
by u/rash_delirium in wholesome

This cute little ferret absolutely adores its owner in this video. You can see her constantly wanting the owner to be with its children! This is another example of how if you treat an animal well, it will treat you the same!

Dance and Get Free Gas

This made me happy!
by u/Last-Object in wholesome

This gas station really brought it to the next level with having fun! They offered $5 off gas if you gave a silly dance and even $10 if they really liked it! This wonderful thing really shows how a little bit of fun can go a long way and make a lasting impression on customers.

Dad Becomes a Taylor Swift Fan to Spend Time With Daughters

This short video shows a dad buying tickets to a Taylor Swift concert for his daughters to spend quality time with them. You can see how excited everyone is in the video for the concert to start. Although the dad shows a straight face, I'm sure inside he was actually very happy to be spending this valuable time with his daughters and recreating their iconic 2010 moment.

Dad Pretends to Fall For Prank

This awesome dad can be seen noticing the prank his kids set up for him. But instead of revealing that, he pretended to fall for the prank so his kids could have a bit of fun. This just goes to show what an awesome dad this guy is for playing along with this prank!

Dog Interrupts Dad's Pushups

My dog interrupting my dad’s pushups🤣
by u/10cupsofteaaday in wholesome

This funny family dog interrupted this dad's pushups with his absolutely adorable jumps. This is by far the best motivator I've seen for exercise! You can see the amount of activity and fun both the dad and the dog are having from this interruption.

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