Top 10 Funniest Reddit Moments of This Week (May 7th)

Top 10 Funniest Reddit Moments of This Week (May 7th)

These 10 Reddit moments in this post will make you laugh out of your chair and not be able to control yourself. From cute dogs, funny memes, and funny incidents see all of the funniest stuff that happened this week!

1. Cat Panicks After Friend Flings Item

Glad nobody panicked
by u/Darsy_Revnt4889 in aww

I have no words for this clip, the amount of genuine chaos going on and the cat just going "What happened?" is what gets me every time. There's also the fact that the other cat proceeded to step on the same item again and scared himself, then he backed into the wall and knocked over the plant as well 😂.  This comment below is what is the most relatable. Definitely worth an upvote.

by u/stolpie from discussion Glad nobody panicked
in aww

2. What It Feels Like to Play "Open World Games"

Open up!
by u/A_Game_of_Death in memes

This is by far the most relatable meme in the world. Literally every browser game is built this way and it's so annoying! Also love the addition of Walter White. This post gets an upvote from me!

3. Boating Goes Wrong

A great day for boating
by u/sparkyinmt in funny

Well! Definitely wouldn't want to be this guy who was just trying to do some boating, but for him, it went horribly wrong! He's gonna have a huge bill waiting for him at the end!

4. 2004 Taiwanese Show Fight Scene

Epic fight scene from a 2004 Taiwanese show
by u/arexlinster in funny

This fight scene is absolutely hilarious, I actually started bursting out laughing throughout the middle. This kind of reminds me of Hindi dramas and how they just love to overexaggerate everything and the dramatic scenes just have 50 different sound effects.

5. Baby Discovers He Has Hands

He’s still figuring out the controls
by u/1q8b in funny

This little guy took a few seconds to understand what happened when he cheered and his hands went up. He just went "Wait what did I just do?" in this video. Absolutely hilarious entry!

6. ChatGPT Needs To Be Thanked

we're cool
by u/tisdue in memes

Okay, this isn't that funny, but you know I'm not the one deciding what's funny and not on this platform. So anyways, yeah cool ChatGPT joke, very funny. But yeah, given the rise of ChatGPT you might actually want to show it some manners, maybe then you'll still have a job before ChatGPT takes over all our jobs. In fact, maybe this post was written in ChatGPT. You know artificial intell- you know what let's move on.

7. Age-group Differences Oopsie

FR tho.
by u/RageDayz in memes

I used to be one of those 2010 kids and I remember thinking how bad making Minecraft content would be. This is hilarious because it really does show how our generation just keeps getting worse and worse in some aspects.

8. Cat Demolishes a Piece of Corn

Cat vs. Corn
by u/pandabatron in aww

This cat saw a piece of corn and absolutely loved eating it. This cute little messy eater is bound to make your day better with his wonderful love for corn. Wait doesn't that sound kinda familiar to this kid?  Like bro who would turn down some corn?

9. Duck Escapes High-security Prison

He escaped
by u/GallowBoob in aww

Have you seen this duck? He's wanted for 120 federal crimes! He just escaped a high-security prison and he's on the loose! Lock your doors and windows because this duck is coming for you!

10. Cat's Surprise Reaction to Flying Animal

"Wait, it can fly?"
by u/elbaywatch in aww

This cat definitely wasn't expecting this little creature to fly. Look at his surprised reaction when he realizes what happened! I think this Reddit comment perfectly summarizes this cat's reaction to seeing this.

by u/varrr from discussion "Wait, it can fly?"
in aww

That's all! We hope you enjoyed these 10 Reddit moments, if you have some cool Reddit moments then feel free to send them to [email protected]! I definitely enjoyed writing this and finding all the Reddit posts, there were a few laughs sent out too!

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