APRIL REPORT: Guest Posts and New Authors?

APRIL REPORT: Guest Posts and New Authors?

Welcome to the Triteens Report, which we plan to release every month. Triteens has been working endlessly to bring you the best content. With this post, we've reached our 14th post within 2 weeks! But we believe numbers show nothing, I've been extremely proud of the quality of every post so far. Now let's get to the main stuff!

Recent Activity

New Authors

We have some new authors coming in! We're so excited to show you the content that they bring! We're also using this to tell you that our blog has also started giving people guest post positions. If you are interested in guest posting please email [email protected] with your information and how you think your content aligns with Triteens' ideas and topics

YouTube Channel

We've released a YouTube channel where we will shortly begin publishing content. This is part of our goal to make our content easy for people to appreciate and we feel we can deliver our ideas just as well through video as writing. Please note that we want to create the best content for you, so videos will take a while, but we are aiming to release weekly videos once we begin making videos.


We've released a Twitter where you can see our latest posts and stay updated. Make sure you follow this for the latest information regarding Triteens. We also will post interactive stuff so if you want some fun and you also like Triteens, then you should definitely follow us for more!

Future Plans

These are our plans for the future of Triteens and what's going to happen in the next months. Although we're a new organization, we have big goals in mind for the future!


In terms of growth, Triteens plans to have a slow but steady growth in its readers. We believe there are a strong number of teenagers wanting to hear different voices and go into various topics which help them. Our goal is to inform and entertain our readers to create a positive and helpful environment for teenagers.


In terms of content, we are planning to get some microphones and go to some interesting places to do some stories. We may even start doing interviews. These will all be done on video, with separate stories on blog posts. We hope to see these types of interviews raise the voices of teenagers around us.

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