[ANNOUNCEMENT] Triteens Blog Schedule and Other News

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Triteens Blog Schedule and Other News

Hello Everyone! It's now June and Triteens Blog has come a long way! We're so glad to see you and your endless support visiting our website! It's now 2 months from when we first started and we've already seen significant growth, with our authors, team, and even our audience. I myself am convinced the stories here are making a difference, not just for our audience, but for the people writing too. Every one of us has a story to tell, a voice we want to be heard, and our goal is to bring those to the whole world. In this blog post, we're going over some breaking news from May through June related to our blog.

Triteens Blog Ranked 26th Place Among Top 70 Teen Blogs on Feedspot

Recently, I've gotten an email from a Feedspot employee informing me that this blog has placed 26th place for the Top 70 blogs on their platform. While it is an honor to be placed on this list, we hope that this is only the beginning, and we're glad to see other audiences enjoy our work as well. We hope to see significant growth from more websites and areas, so make sure to link to our articles as much as possible and share the word. There's nothing stronger than spreading the word and allowing the voices here to be heard from the United States to the Netherlands and even all the way to India, audiences all around the world can come together and be entertained on one platform.

Triteens Blogging Schedule Revealed and Break Incoming

As you may know, the majority of the articles here at the time of writing are written by me, as currently we still have a lack of authors and an increase in demand. We aim to get at least 3 blogs a week out, as long as the banner on our site says regular schedule, we'll be following that. But outside of regular schedules, there may be adjusted schedules depending on the availability of authors and articles among our teams/sources. Below is a link to our calendar, which has events marked where there will be changed schedules. You can also see the banner as we mentioned for being able to know why there aren't new blogs. Any day not marked here is not planned to be off-schedule, although there may be special cases where it may happen, that's why it's also good to visit this site and check the banner as well.

Cross-publishing System Announcement

As you may know, our systems and entire site are actually owned by Tritaba Software and operate as an independent arm. However, we do have rights to articles and content on other sites owned by Tritaba, which is why we may cross-publish these articles to this site, with notices available as always. To take a look at these articles you can view them here. A lot of these articles are highly edited from their originals, because they are frequently outdated and less professional, so we may have to edit them and add extra content so they are brought up to our standards.

On behalf of everyone at Triteens, I hope this post allowed you to get some good insight into what's been happening at Triteens, and I really hope the calendar helps so that we can stay consistent in our scheduling and help our audience understand when to expect newer, fresher content.

Thank You,
Raeed - Owner/Author