5 Tips You Need for this School Year

5 Tips You Need for this School Year

Summer is almost coming to an end for many students around the United States, and that means it's time to get ready for school and start this school year with a strong start. But for many of us, it can be confusing and tough to do this. But in this article, I will provide genuine advice that helps me feel more ready to perform in school.

Study Your Schedule

If you are going into high school it is essential to understand your schedule and know which classes you have to take. For both incoming Freshmen and returning students, this is incredibly important to make sure you can get to your class on time and be prepared from the start. Another thing I recommend is studying your school's map and knowing where each of your classes is located. If your school has orientation you can spend time understanding different sections of the school. Make sure to take a picture of the map if it is not given to you. Knowing which routes to take will make you arrive at your classes much quicker and ensure you do not get tardies. There is also a new app called Saturn available for high schoolers called Saturn which allows students to be able to remember their school routines.

Establish a Morning Routine

Establishing a morning routine is good as humans naturally prefer set routines. This means that you should make it a process every day to wake up at the same time, and have a process for getting ready for the school day. Not only will this make you more ready, but it will improve your mental health.  You can start establishing a routine by choosing a time at least 30 minutes before school to set your alarm. Note that you may need more time to get ready and have breakfast so take that into consideration. Make sure you give yourself some time to sit and take a bit of personal time before leaving as well. If you have a tough time choosing the proper outfit to wear for school, then decide what you will wear the night before so you do not need to waste time in the morning. You can also study this article to maintain better time management throughout your day.

Study Your Courses

Everyone hates studying, but sometimes it is necessary to study your courses ahead of time to understand what to expect and be a little bit prepared for school. This can be just taking a look at the content or seeing if there are any helpful assignments posted on your school website. Make sure to also check if your school has any summer assignments for your courses. If you are not feeling ready for school, this can be a great way to feel more ready. You can always ask for help online or from a family member if you need assistance with a certain subject.

Make Healthy Choices

When I say "Make healthy choices" I am not telling you to go on a diet or lose weight. I am saying that you should make sure you have all your meals on time and ensure that you keep yourself hydrated AND awake. Studies have shown that maintaining a good diet can greatly improve your academic skills. Additionally maintaining a good night's sleep is also necessary. See our article on having good sleep habits here. Remember that every animal needs sleep, and it is a time for our brain to process more information and be able to take a break from thinking. It also allows our minds to roam, and a good night's sleep will make you much happier when you wake up and go about your day.

Spend Your Freetime Well

Try to spend the free time you have hanging out with friends and doing extracurriculars to make sure you can become more social and help yourself expand your social skills. Not only will these help you become a better performer in school, they will help you become a better performer in all aspects of life. You can also make good friends which is necessary to make sure you have people who can help you with schoolwork and support you along the way. But other than friends make sure to also spend time with family and value the free time you have, because it doesn't come often in life and time is money as they say.

That's it for today's article! I hope this article gave you some insight into school life and helped you be more prepared for your upcoming year. If you enjoyed this article make sure to check out our other articles on many more topics from school to other aspects of life!

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