Here are 5 Teenagers Who Created Change with Technology

Here are 5 Teenagers Who Created Change with Technology

I was born into a generation who never had to experience life without the internet, or iPhones. Technology has reached levels never seen before, and we've been using it in many different ways. Teenagers worldwide are constantly learning to build new and exciting gadgets, from robots to high-level businesses. In fact, this website is just one of many examples of teenagers on the internet. So that brings us to two main questions, what are the innovations that this generation comes up with and what does it say about teenagers?

1. Natalie Hampton

How would you feel if you went to school and were excluded from people during lunch and not welcome to sit with them? That's exactly what Natalie Hampton experienced at her old school. She never had the right group to sit with during lunch, and she didn't want to sit alone because of how embarrassing it would be. She didn't let this bring her down, and when she moved to a different school and got new friends, she realized that she needed to change something so other people don't have the same experience she did. So she created an app to help people find lunch tables that would welcome them. Best of all? You won't fear being rejected when you go up because you know they want you there!

2. Aodhán Cullen

This Irish entrepreneur started his business at 16, creating a network traffic monitoring site that now holds .9% of the market share for analytics websites. This is one of the most successful implementations of websites made by teenagers. His business, StatCounter was founded in 1999.

3. Josh Feinsilber

With his application Gimkit, Joshn Feinsilber has managed to achieve widespread success in his company. At 19 years old, he came up with the idea of a mobile app. The idea was to make a game for educators to use and for students to be able to better interact.

4. Jack Andraka

After a close friend of theirs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Jack decided to devote his time to creating a device to detect the early stages of pancreatic cancer. The most revolutionary thing was that this device was cheap and easy to distribute. He was awarded the Gordon E. Moore Award at the 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and went on to be awarded the Truman Scholarship for his graduate studies in 2018.

5. Sanil Chawla

Seeing that being under 18 had so many issues associated with young people and creating nonprofits, Sanil decided to create software and a system that would allow young students to raise money through fiscal sponsorship for their charitable organizations. Not only did this have a positive impact in helping many young people, but it also had a positive impact in allowing young people to expand their reach and make the world a better place through charity.

We hope you enjoyed reading this collection of influential teenagers who continue to inspire and create a difference in the world. Not only do they achieve great things, but they also show its never too young to pursue something strong. Every person has a skill that they can develop at any age.

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