Cooking with Raeed: Accidentally Making Karaage

Cooking with Raeed: Accidentally Making Karaage

So guys, last night the cooking happened, and today I will be writing a report on how it went! Initially, I wanted to follow this chicken nugget recipe. I expected to get something that tasted similar to McDonald's nuggets, but little did I know that it would actually end up like Karaage, which is also known as Japanese fried chicken. This tasty meal on a wonderful night will keep you captivated and wanting some of your own "chicken nuggets".

Making the Nuggets

My mom instructed me that the first step would be to allow the chicken breast to thaw. We stored them in the freezer so it made sense to thaw them before cutting them to the sizes mentioned on Allrecipes. At this time we also made sure all the ingredients mentioned were actually at our home. Now, it's just time to wait for it to thaw!  They took a lot longer than a few hours to thaw, and we actually started the next day. By this time the chicken had thawed out in the fridge and was ready for cutting! So we took it out, washed our hands, and got straight into action!

We had to recalculate most ingredients because they were for 8 people and we were serving 4 people. However, as you'll see towards the end, even 1/4 was too many ingredients. A lot of the mix was left over and we had to throw them away due to contamination. If you choose to do this, you should be mindful of the portions being way too high. The mixture was too much even for a whole chicken breast


First, we set up the mixing station which consisted of garlic salt and flower. Despite lowering the amount of flower and garlic salt, you can see from the picture that there was still a lot of mix. The picture above was taken before we mixed it together and actually made it into a mixture. We also took only 1 large egg and beat it well, which would be the ingredient used to apply the mix. It's kind of like using glue but for cooking. My mom also taught me how to beat eggs properly, explaining that the eggs would start to bubble as an indication that it is ready. Meanwhile, my mom was cutting the chicken into pieces as instructed in the recipe.

The image on the right shows my setup after my mom finished cutting the chicken. She explained to me that the extra uncut chicken was in case we needed to make more chicken. This would come in handy because we did end up making more because there was some mixture left over. Lastly, we went onto the stove and placed the chicken. Something interesting was that our cook space was shared with my dad. This is common in our house where there are two people cooking at once.

Once we were done, the only downside was the fact that there was a ton of extra mix that we had to throw away. By the end, it was very obvious to us that it was clearly nothing like chicken nuggets and ended up being more like Karaage. Throughout our cooking process, my dad and my mom both said that this wasn't really like chicken nuggets, but rather Karaage. Throughout the end, this was confirmed from both look and taste!


Then came the most important part, eating the actual food. I nicely prepared the table and my mom placed the chicken in the middle. I and my family decided to eat this with rice and lemons as if it was Karaage. It ended up tasting really good and we had chicken left over that I ate today! Although we didn't get what we intended, this recipe is still a 10/10!

That's all today, I hope you enjoyed my cooking journey! This is one part of a series I plan to make showing how I try to learn some cooking and all of the problems involved in that journey! Please also check out our other blog that shows 5 hobbies you can get into as a teenager.

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