8 Awesome Ways to Spend This Summer Vacation Without Technology

8 Awesome Ways to Spend This Summer Vacation Without Technology

School's almost off and summer vacation is quickly approaching! It's time to grab friends and family and engage in fun activities! But phones and technology can take away a lot of this time, but not to worry because we've put together 5 great ways you can put the phone down and be present in the moment with your family and friends.

1. Volunteering

The first thing we'll cover is volunteering, whether it be at an animal shelter, soup kitchen, or some other local charity. During the summertime, we can put a lot of our spare time into volunteering around our community, building relations, and making new friends. Start by going to local charities and asking around. Maybe your local library may also have openings if you are into books. Make sure the volunteer opportunity you go for genuinely interests you as well. You may also claim volunteer hours for your school once you finish.

2. Biking with Friends

Do you enjoy biking? Well, gather up some friends and choose a nice trail to go biking together! Not only will it be safer to ride together, but you can have a lot more fun exploring nature with your friends. During these bike rides, you can talk and socialize while burning calories. Here's my ideal packing list for biking:

  • Bike pump
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • First-aid kit

Always remember to wear a helmet and carry a first aid kit, these will help in case of emergencies that arise with you or a friend. Snacks and water are necessary to regain lost energy. A bike pump is also needed in case your tire runs out of pressure.

Always keep hydrated as summer temperatures can reach over 100°F heatstroke and other health issues are common, read more here

3. Nature Photography

Nature photography is an amazing pastime for people of all ages and backgrounds. You can truly appreciate the world around you once you start looking for the best shots and photographs. Take a look at this article for some insight into outdoor photography. The main advantage of this activity is that you can do it with other people or by yourself. These photos can later be touched up and you can post them on social media. Photography will teach you to appreciate what's in front of you in the current moment.

4. Gardening

It's time to make your lawn much prettier! Summer is the best time to start planting more stuff in your garden! You could grow various vegetables and fruits which will taste the freshest. Make sure to research plant care thoroughly as different plants come with variable difficulties. You need to maintain a schedule of the right times to plant them and ensure they get enough sun. If you don't want to plant stuff outside, you can also purchase indoor plants, which will freshen up the air and also add to the aesthetics of your house.

5. Cooking

The rise of the internet has given way to unlimited access to cooking recipes. Quickly use these recipes and even family recipes to really enjoy cooking. This article, even proves that eating healthy foods makes us happier both physically and mentally. In my opinion, there's nothing that sends a more powerful message than food. It's the gateway to appreciating not just your own culture, but cultures all around the world. Most foods have a rich history associated with them which is also interesting to learn and understand.

6. Crafting

Another thing that you can explore with the rise of the internet is crafting. From bracelets to origami, crafting is a huge industry and full of awesome things that you can do. DIY projects can take your house to the next level. There's even research here to show that this will make you happier as well. You can also learn to fix various things in your house and replace stuff around the house. Grab some tools and get to crafting! Here's some crafting I did during the summer with my friend!

7. Reading

Okay, I know this is old-fashioned, but who doesn't like reading a good book? We've been blessed with access to local libraries and access to books is larger than ever. Online, there are many book review sites to find books you like. You can also visit your local library and find books there. Books and literature spread knowledge and ideas, and of course, will make your life better. You also can take a break from all the negativity that is around on the internet and other places.

8. Basketball

Okay, we aren't all sports people, but like lots of things in this article, when you're doing things with friends, it's more about having fun and being active than actually winning. The same thing works here, I'm not good at basketball but playing some games on the driveway can get me active and happy, whether I lose or I win its always fun when you're playing with friends.

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